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Edwin Cruz

     Edwin is a video producer and editor based in San Diego, California. He holds a bachelors degree in Visual Arts Media from the University of California San Diego (UCSD). In 2014 he co-founded Buenpaso Media, an independent production house based in Southern California. In 2016, he was selected by NeXtDoc YouthFX as an Emerging Documentary Filmmaker. In 2017 he resided in Austria where he worked with Salzburg Global Seminar as an intern video producer. Upon returning to the United States he served as a Lead Video Editor for real estate television show The American Dream. Currently he is a Video Producer and Editor for Standard Conversions a digital marketing company. 

     As a producer he is responsible for guiding multiple media projects from pre-production, to production, and post production. These type of projects include short films, feature length films, dance videos, music videos as well as commercial/client based projects. His experience covers a wide range of genres and technical processes.


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